Rick Urbanski

Inner Light

Dahlia end of season


First Dahlia of the Season at dusk

Red Dawn

Dahlia...at dawn's light


Fall Dahlias in bloom with multicolor hybrid at dusk


Dahlia in dawn light

Cotton Candy

Dahlia at Dawn

Purple Haze

Dahlia at dusk


Yellow dahlia at Dawn

Flame Girl

Orange Dahlia at dusk


Dahlias at dusk

Three Sisters

Three Dahlias bunched at dawn

Light Dancers

Dahlia in HDR at dusk

Royal Wings

Dahlia macro at dawn


Dahlia bloom at dusk


Dahlia macro at dusk...I'm trying with certain flowers to blend 3 HDR images with minimal post image adjustments. It seems like the setup with lighting, timing, and white balance at the time of the photo are key (as I have read many times on this site...) Thank You!

Glow Girl

Macro Dahlia at dawn


One of the brightest in the autumn at dusk

Red Lines

One of the last of this season's Dahlias