Rick Urbanski


Tiny white mushroom grows on the leaf litter in the Siskyou National Forest

Yachats Sunset December

Sunset after storm on the Oregon Coast

A Sunset

Sunset, Fall, Southern Oregon


Sunset from Smelt Sands

Sunset after storm

This reminds me of paintings by the Impressionists. Monet's View of the Sea at Sunset comes to mind. I was standing in a 60 mph wind leaning on the tripod on a cliff overlooking the Pacific in Yachats, Oregon.


A long rift in the volcanic rock along the Oregon coast after a storm.

Lone Fisherman

Light of a crab boat on the Oregon coast at dusk

Sky Fire

Dusk with clouds beyond the Cascades.

Dolphin Impersonators

Emmylou, Bernese Mountain dog, doesn't like to get wet. But on this day she and the Labrador Gideon had a chase in the Yachats River delta on the Oregon coast.

Mad Dance

Sea foam at Devil's Churn on the Oregon Coast after a storm

Storm Stream

Temporary stream on Cape Perpetua after a rain. ND filter


California Poppy at dusk

Girls don't want to get wet

At play on the beach.

Misty Sea

Dusk with sun shining off wet rocks on the Oregon Coast


Sunset in Yachats, rocks in a little Oregon State Park


Aspens in the Steens Mountain wilderness

Lumpy Creek

Small cascade on Lumpy Creek trail in the Siskiyou National Forest

Flecks of Gold

Another small falls on Lumpy Creek


Giant Tree on the Oregon Coast headlands at Devil's Churn at dusk

Sun and Sea

Break in the clouds after a storm on the Oregon coast whipped sea foam

Gold Dust

Sporangia on the underside of fern frond on a trail to Devil's Churn at Oregon state park

After the Storm

Sun breaking through the clouds after storm on Smelt Sands State Park on the Oregon Coast

Waning Storm Clouds

Yachats River Delta after a storm

Winter Water

The Sweet Creek Falls area has a number of waterfalls which are filled with winter rain. This is one of the rapids in the complex.

Beaver Creek Falls

Winter high water in the Sweet Creek Falls complex.

Port in a Storm

small arboreal falls after a rain in the Sweet Creek complex


The rushing water before the waterfall in Sweet Creek Falls complex


The Yachats River Delta is ever changing in the patterns created by the ocean. The sunset light on the undulating sand with the tiny light of a crab boat made the moment.


Yachats River Delta sunset....I love the changing colors from one day to the next at dusk


Valley Bronze of Oregon in Joseph, Oregon has amazing artists and artisians that create magnificant works. These are leaves from a tree outside the foundry that were made in bronze contrasted with an fall maple leaf

Painted Hills

Painted Hills, Oregon at dusk

Sunlit Waves

Sunset facing Cape Perpetua


Sunset and low tide in Yachats near Smelt Sands State Park