Rick Urbanski

Ching Hua in the Morning

A colleague invited me to photograph in her greenhouse. What a delight! Blc. Waianae Leopard 'Ching Hua'

Bridal Suite

C. Hawaiian Wedding Song orchid

Violet Wave

Toshi aoki mini purple orchid

Orchids on the March

Red Mokara saluya Orchid, early morning light


Talsuco happyfire x carmine orchid


Mokara Salaya Red orchid


Orchid early bloom

Alien Visitor

Phaleonopsis hybred. Orchid from a friend's greenhouse.


Phaleonopsis hybred

Royal Chariot

Orchid at dusk

Party Dress

Orchid in Spring show

What are you......

V. Tokyo Blue (V. Chindavat x V. coerulea) Orchid

Hi There!

Restrepia wageneri is a species of orchid endemic to northwestern Venezuela...and a cute little critter


Orchid at dusk