Rick Urbanski


Rose at dusk

Wild Girl

Yellow Rose brought to Oregon in the 1800's by pioneer girl. The thorns are especially pointy.


Rose at dusk


Rose at dusk

Wild Rose

Wild rosebush at dusk

Pink Vortices

Double blossom in the Portland Rose Garden

A Rose

Rose Macro

Bed of Roses

Rose and Rose Petals in natural light


Study of rose petals


I spent a glorious spring in a master gardener's rose garden. This was one of many...

Inner Light

Jacob's Robe Rose

Water Ballet

Spring rose

Pink on White

I've been practicing with flowers on a black background trying to get the depth that allows the flower to appear to float in the dark.

Mother and Child

Mother's Love Rose at dusk

Red Dress

Stacked image red rose at dusk

Red Satin

Natural light rose macro

Sundune Rise

Macro of rose in studio with lighting that I thought was bad initially but tried to work with it



I stumbled up the the concept of chiaroscuro, using light and shadow in an image and stumbled upon a photo I took a few months ago that seemed to let me play with it. It's been used by painters for centuries.


Rose at dusk


Rose in natural light


Rose at dusk


Macro rose at dusk

Eye of the Storm

rose at dusk


Lime Sublime Rose at dusk

Kiss Me

Garden Rose